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Brick pavers offer beauty and long-term performance to home and landscape. There are many patterns, colors, and textures to enhance the character and value of your home. To get the most out of your brick paver project, consider the following aspects before you start.

Patios, walkways and driveways should be wide enough to accommodate people, lawn furniture, or in the case of driveways, cars and foot traffic. Walkways should be at least 36" wide. A wider walk lends more grace to an entrance. People enjoy walking on paths with gentle curves, and brick pavers can define and enlarge space for shrubbery beds.

Designing patios is like planning a new room. What part of the day will it be in the sun or shade? It it going to be blocked from the wind? How will the landscaping fit in? How easy is the access from the house? Are steps needed? Consider the flow of foot traffic and the amount of space needed to accommodate a patio table and chairs, gas grill, etc. A minimum of 350-400 sq. ft. would be needed, but a more generous size is recommended, especially if the homeowner likes to entertain family and friends.

Custom design service is available for all your brick paver needs. The beauty of your project will make you feel that your research was worthwhile.

Houston Landscape Images takes pride with each project we do. Each and every concrete paver driveway, walk and patio created and built by Houston Landscape Images is custom designed to give you the professional look you are looking for! Below are a few examples of our previous work, click on the images below to enlarge them. If you would like to for us to give you an estimate on your project just click here!


The Couch Residence (Katy)



The Rothe Project

paver houston    houston paver

pavers houston    houston pavers

houston paver patios

The Dugas' Project

paver patio houston    paver patio houston 

We also Install Paver Lights Click Here For details   

More Examples

paver patio houston    paver patio houston        

       paver patio houston    paver patio houston

paver patio houston    paver patio houston

paver patio houston    paver patio houstonpaver patio houston    paver houston

paver houston    paver houston

paver houston    paver houston

paver houston    paver houston

paver houston    paver houstonpaver houston    paver houston

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