The Facts

Let's say the average golfer shoots between 85 and 95. Of those strokes, close to 2/3 of them will be played on or around the green. It's no secret that a better short game will lower the scores of the average golfer. Yet the average golfer spends far less practice time on his short game than he does on his long game. It doesn't seem to him that the short game is where the pay-off is. But is it?

By the Number

To illustrate, let's look at the game of Tiger Woods, the hottest player around.
As of July 1, 2001, Tiger is ranked 1st in scoring with 68.54 strokes per round.
He leads the 2001 money list with over $4,000,000, and the career money list
with $25,000,000. He's the dominant player in the game today. But how does
he do it? Tiger hits 68.7% of his fairways (ranked 95th), and 71.3% of his
greens (ranked 4th). Clearly he hits a lot of greens, but the interesting thing is his "scrambling"
percentage. Tiger makes par or better an amazing 69.4% of the time when he misses a green in
regulation, a percentage which ranks 2nd on tour. This stat is all short game, and it's the key
to his success.

Bruce Fleisher, the dominant player on the Senior Tour, has practically
identical numbers. He hits 72.2% (3rd) of his greens, and makes par or
better 67.9% (2nd) of the time when he misses a green. Both Tiger
and Fleisher understand that the long game isn't enough, and are
dominating their fields with their ability to pitch, chip, and putt. It
goes unnoticed, but the numbers don't lie Without their scrambling ability, we wouldn't be hearing
their names as much.

But let's go even farther. Consider Phil Mickelson, one of the few
players who has really given Tiger a run for his money in the last few
years. It is widely known that Phil grew up with a green in his back yard
in San Diego. He spent countless hours on and around that green as a
child, and he's now considered one of the short game masters. The
impressive flop shot that only he and a few others can hit reliably was perfected around that
backyard green. All that short game practice has translated into 19 career tour victories, and
second place behind Tiger in career money.

Now consider Brad Faxon. On tour he ranks 132nd in driving accuracy
108th in greens hit in regulation. Not even near the top. Yet he is 11th
on the money list. How? Faxon ranks 15th in scrambling, and 2nd in
putts per round. He's known for his dedication to his short game,
and the work pays off.

The previously mentioned players are not paid by us, nor do they
endorse our work.

So what's the bottom line?

Over 50 current PGA Tour players have some sort of putting greens at their homes today. Why? Well, first they know that putting and short game proficiency can mean the difference in winning or making the cut every week, and they know that a low maintenance, realistic surface provides them with the feedback they need to practice and improve their short game.

Practicing the short game lowers scores. It lowers the scores of the average player as well as the professional. In fact, the better one gets with the long game, the more important the short game becomes for lowering scores. So why does the average guy still not get it?

The average golfer hasn't yet realized the joys of the short game. He hasn't realized that the short shots are infinite in their variety and as satisfying as a long, straight drive. He
hasn't realized that the skills required to master the short game translate to the long game. He hasn't realized that rhythm and feel apply to all kinds of shots, but are most easily
learned and developed in the short game. He hasn't realized how much plain fun the
short game is.

The short game is like another world, a game within the game. It's a world to be explored, enjoyed, and mastered. And by calling us now you can have that world in your own back yard.


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